Luxury Apartments for Rent in NYC

Luxury Apartments for Rent

When you think of New York City, you often think of a busy city, a wild nightlife, and a glamorous lifestyle. It only makes sense that the Manhattan area is bountiful with luxury apartments available for rent. Whether you're looking for three full bathrooms, an upper and lower level loft or a four bedroom apartment with all amenities included, luxury apartments have everything you need to feel like you're living the best city life possible.

Luxury Apartments for Rent in Manhattan on the Replay Listings mobile app

If you're looking to take the stress out of apartment hunting, Replay Listings is for you. This app is a video-friendly way of renting apartments in Manhattan, thanks to the countless amount of listings that are posted regularly. From Chelsea to the Upper East Side and Hells Kitchen to the Flatiron District — you can find your ideal home somewhere in the bustling New York City.

Download Replay Listings and Find Real-Time Luxury Apartments

With the Replay Listings app, your headaches and frustrations will be relieved! Our app is updated on a near-daily basis, making sure our listings are accurate and available. You can call or even text a real estate agent directly to schedule an appointment of the apartment you actually saw.

But most importantly, our app features walkthrough videos that consist of raw and unedited content. Real estate agents can record up to 60 seconds as they walk through your luxury rental, filming how the floor plan is set up, what the rooms look like and how open and spacious your new place will be. Because the videos are shot within the app, there is no chance for editing, making sure you get an all-around view of a space that hasn't been manipulated to look better.

A Typical Apartment Rental Adventure:

  • First, let's relive what it's like to typically rent an apartment. You search online or in the newspaper, find a home in Murray Hill that's calling your name and send out a quick email to the listed real estate agent, hoping that this could be your next home.
  • You can get a response immediately or sometimes it may take a few hours for you to hear a response.
  • The next step is going with your agent to the rental apartment. And when you step inside the apartment, you're disappointed. What you see in front of you is not at all what you saw in the ad. The bathroom is not luxurious, the ceiling is spotty with maintenance holes, some of the amenities are broken, and the area is not as comfortable as it appeared. So now what?
  • Generally, you tell your agent you're passing on the unit. To further accommodate you, they'll recommend nearby places such as West Village or Gramercy. You repeat the process over and over again until you find yourself settling for a less-than-glamorous luxury apartment.