Two Bedroom Apartments for Rent in NYC

Two Bedroom Apartments for Rent

Are you looking to split a New York City apartment with a roommate for your last few years of college? Or maybe you’ve graduated and started an internship in the city, needing a place to stay for an extended amount of time. Perhaps you and your partner are both working jobs outside of Manhattan and want to start your life together in the Upper East Side. No matter what your situation may be, the search for the perfect two bedroom apartment for rent has begun.With Replay Listings, you can view two bedroom apartments through unedited videos so you know exactly what the apartment looks like!

Two Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Manhattan

Enter the Replay Listings app — the first and only way you should be searching for rentals in the city. With a focus on raw apartment videos, our app gives you a genuine look into the apartments you’re looking at. Because licensed real estate agents film these videos directly in the app and upload through there, you don’t have to be fearful of any manipulation or editing of the footage. In some places, you’ll also get a look at the furniture that’s still inside.

They call you back and tell you one of two things:

The rental process can be quite tedious and frustrating. It often starts like this:

  • You find an ad online or in the paper for a two bedroom apartment.
  • You email or leave a voicemail showing your interest in the place and ask for a response. This may take a few days or be immediate — either way, you’ll be told that the place is available or that it’s been offered to someone else.
  • Then, you’ll likely be asked if you’re interested in some other locations.Once you go through this redirecting phase a few times, you might find an available location and go in for a visit — and you might be disappointed, greatly. The photos might have been dimmed down enough to not show the damage to the walls, ceiling or floors. The kitchen might be tiny, and the bathrooms could definitely need maintenance work. Another possibility is that by the time you finally found the apartment, the rent might have increased — and it may be hundreds more than the original price posted.
  • When you use the Replay Listings app, you’ll see how easy it is to use. Agents are uploading new videos daily that are time-stamped, meaning you won’t get excited over an apartment that’s not actually on the market. Filter your search by area — such as Gramercy, Murray Hill or Hell’s Kitchen — as well as the number of rooms and your budget. Watch one-take, raw videos from inside each rental apartment, and once you find one you love, you can call or text the agent directly to submit your application.
  • With our app, you won’t be misguided into renting an apartment that is drastically different than your expectations. You’ll get a firsthand, real look at the beautiful apartments that are available for you all over Manhattan. Download the app today and find your new home!