What is Replay Listings?

Replay Listings is a mobile platform focused on listings of all type of rental apartments in Manhattan.

If you have ever lived in Manhattan or looked for an apartment in New York, you know that finding a good apartment is very difficult. This is partially thanks to the fact that most of what's being advertised out there is not really what you get when you visit the apartment. This changes now.


Replay Listings is focused on providing Renters with the best experience by providing uninterrupted 60-second videos that show a space in it's truest form, saving them time and energy. And the best part? You can do this all from your mobile device.

How do I save an apartment?

Below each video, you will find the contact information for each apartment representative, along with a beautiful heart. You can save the videos you like by pressing this heart once and notice that the heart fills up                                   This will add the video to your personal Dashboard, in which you'll be able to review your videos whenever you want. Easy, right? 

How do I find my saved apartments?

Your saved apartments are safely stored in your Dashboard, which you can easily find by pressing

the icon that looks like this:

In your Dashboard, you may easily find your Favorite videos along with their information. Feel free to go back and "Re-play" them anytime you want.

Is Replay Listings free to use?

100% free. We do not charge renters anything to use our platform. 

What is in the settings menu?

In the setting menu you can find: 

  • About Us

  • Tutorials

  • FAQ’s

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Privacy Policy

  • Contact Us 

  • Sign Out


​​How do I search for apartments?

When you are in the news feed, on the top right of the screen you will see a menu icon. By tapping on the menu bar, it will open up a screen allowing you to filter your search by price, size, and location. 


What is Replay Listings?

Replay Listings is a mobile platform focused on listings of all type of rental apartments in Manhattan.

We understand that getting all the pictures organized while advertising apartments can be very tedious - not to mention the fact that you have to go to your computer, download the pictures, sometimes resize them for the webpage and then create a new ad. All of which takes so much time and effort just for the great apartment you're advertising to no longer be on the market two days after. And now what?

Replay listings was made for Real Estate Agents, by Real Estate Agents. We understand how hard it is and we aim to solve this problem by having you easily record an apartment when you're previewing and just click a button to launch your Ad into the Newsfeed.

Why only videos? 

To ensure a better quality experience for both Agents and Renters, we thought we would solve a big problem in our current market by only offering uninterrupted, un-editable 60 second videos

Many apartments being advertised look very different in the pictures . By doing this, every agent has a great opportunity to shoot an apartment in it's truest form. This way, when customers call you, they know exactly what they can expect from the apartment, having you have to show less apartments and closing more deals.

How do I post a video?

When you are in the news feed, you will see a camera icon on the bottom tab bar in the middle. Once you tap the camera icon the camera screen will open up. Then press and hold down on the camera button on the bottom of the screen and begin to record your video. Once you stop holding the camera button a menu will pop up allowing you to either retake the video, preview the video, or submit the video. If you hit submit you will have the option to fill in the apartments size, price, amenities, and how many bathrooms it has. Once you hit next after inputing the info, you will have the option to put in the apartments address. At the bottom of the address screen there will be a submit button, and once you push this, your video has been submitted for review. Once your video is approved, it will appear in the news feed ready for renters to contact you. 

How do I edit my profile?

When you are in the news feed, on the bottom right of the tab bar you will see a menu icon. By pressing on it, it will open up the agent dashboard and then you can press on the person icon next to your name. This will then open up all of your info you inputted when you signed up. You will be able to change your phone number by pressing on the edit icon on the bottom right of the screen and then once you enter that information, you will have a save button on the top of the screen that you will need to hit in order to save your information. Any other information you wish to change please email us at info@replaylistings.com, and why you are requesting the change. 

Do you offer free trials?

Yes, we do! As of right now we are offering real estate brokers and agents a free trial to become acclimated with our service. 

Is there a limit on the amount of ads I can post?

There is no limit to the amount of ads you can post. At Replay Listings, our goal is to provide real estate brokers, and agents with a blank canvas and give them the flexibility to create as many masterpieces as they want. 

Do any listings come from a feed?

All of our content is original content shot within our app. Our goal is to simplify the amount of steps real estate brokers, and agents have in order to make the advertising process as seamless as possible. Having listings from a feed can add steps to the advertising process, and can slow down the pace at which your listings are posted. 

How do I delete a listing?

When you are in your news feed, on the tab bar on the bottom right of the screen will be a menu icon. By pressing on this, it will open up your agent dashboard with all the listings you have posted. If you press, hold, and swipe left on the listings you wish to delete, the delete option will appear on the right of the button. Once you tap this the listing will be deleted.