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Who is Replay Listings?


Replay Listings is a mobile based, peer to peer, video-streaming platform that allows agencies to post real-time video listing of all types of rental apartments in Manhattan. The app harnesses the power of video technology, allowing you to post 60 second videos to be streamed at prospective users convenience. In addition, brokers and renters can make instantaneous contact. Replay Listings was founded on March 21st, 2018 by Rodolfo Delgado and Maxwell B. Podlosky. Replay Listings targets agencies, brokers and apartment seekers to create a more streamlined time-efficient apartment renting experience. Replay Listings will be made available for FREE for the next few months for real estate agents, and Renters will never have to pay. Replay Listings is available on the App Store (iOS only), and it’s Android version is expected to be released later this year.

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About Us

Replay Listings is constantly seeking for talent out there, always looking to improve the way people rent apartments. So, if you want to join our team and make a difference, please click here to join us!

What does it do?


Replay Listings’ automated video-uploading feature allows Brokers the ability to post 60 seconds of unedited, uninterrupted video taken from within the app. The listings are immediately verified and posted to the newsfeed, in which renters can easily browse and search for apartments. Prospective renters have the ability to enables filters - neighborhood, price and bedroom size to curate an exact match for their respective needs. Furthermore, agents can share the video listings via text message, Facebook, or by copying the link, and the end user does not have to download the app to see the listing - it will open up on their browser accompanied by the agent’s contact information. This allows for an instant relationship with pre-verified representatives, ensuring a timely and secure rental experience.

Why now?


Historically, agencies hire Brokers as independent contractors to license their company’s brand. Due to the nature of being an independent contractor, Brokers are often left to manage their marketing budgets indepently, incurring exorbitant annual carrying cost to run their business, directly eating into their bottom line. Replay Listings aims to allow agents to brand themselves and for them to build a name - independently of their brokerage -  on top of the app, rather than the other way around. Replay Listings gives power to the agents for them to build a following in a world in which social media becomes more and more influential - ultimately allowing agents to close more deals.


Replay Listings aims to create greater transparency in the rental market and alleviate market frictions to create a more seamless process for renters and save money and time for Brokers. Forbes claims, “In 2018, the firms that will succeed are the ones with sustainable, tech-driven models that serve agents and consumers better.”

Why are we doing this?


Replay Listings has the potential to be that exact sustainable, tech-driven platform for the entire Rental Brokerage community. Currently, StreetEasy, a NYC e-listing service, a subsidiary of Zillow Inc., is the go to platform for brokers/agents, homeowners/renters, property managers, developers and brand advertisers. But, there are some problems with it - video streaming is not easy to use and the platform can be very costly. Furthermore, as StreetEasy reaches a greater market saturation, it faces the challenge of providing timely and accurate listings. Lori, a registered renter and user of the App, provided feedback during our initial market research. She stated, “I love Replay Listings and their time-stamped videos, I started out looking for apartments on StreetEasy, but the pictures were very deceiving. I will recommend this App to my friends and family.”  Furthermore, StreetEasy imposed a new fee of $3 per day per listing, adding high carrying cost to the Brokers and their agencies.


Replay Listings is the solution to this market friction, cutting out marketing fees as well as the sunken cost of acquiring photos and listing them as well. Replay Listings will always give Brokers the power of unlimited listings and it has a sleek, easy-to-use interface, providing Unedited, 60 second videos. Also, Replay Listings provides an instant relationship with representatives, advertising on-the-go and is as easy as scrolling through social media. In less than 12 weeks, Replay Listings already had over 2,700 downloads,with 250, active, licensed and verified Brokers using the App. At this rate,  the company will gather at least 50% of the rental market share in Manhattan listings by the end of 2019 without any syndication offering genuine content that can be found nowhere else.

What’s different from everybody else?



The ability to easily create ads from their mobile devices on-the-go allows agents to instantly let potential clients know about the newest opportunities on the market. And the video-approval process is about immediate, giving agents a competitive advantage over the hours- sometimes even days- that other listing platforms take to approve a listing.



Replay Listings is the only mobile based app that provides unedited, real-time videos of apartments for rent in Manhattan. Content is guaranteed to be authentic, unedited and time-stamped - what you see is what you get.

How are we doing it?


Harnessing the power of video technology, Replay Listings is the tech platform to empower agents to live stream, unedited 60 second videos to be accessed by prospective renters at any time. Replay Listing depends on an in-camera app, giving the renter the opportunity to experience the apartment from the inside, in a way that the apartment is unedit and completely raw, providing accuracy and security. The video capabilities are state of the art technology. In the past, most companies relied on traditional websites because video-compression, loading time and storing/recording video capabilities were very difficult to achieve and had low quality- so they naturally shifted to a website (rather than a mobile app) and an image-based (rather than video-based) platform. Today, we live in a world in which video is easy to take to your mobile device consuming less data and offering more quality. A world in which Mobile Apps are becoming the standard to offer more specific data and a handcrafted experience for every user. Replay Listings becomes more than a listing platform, but also a tool in which agents can record a listing and upload it to their own company’s personal website, allowing for a greater market reach. Also, Replay Listings will be able to connect directly with other AR/VR platforms to make the experience of renting apartments more realistic, accurate and efficient.

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